Advent Calendar 2015

Tea and Sweets Advent Calendar

The Vastenhouw lab has, largely by Max’s initiative, developed the tradition of an advent calendar – consisting of a tea and sweets combination for every day from December 1st to December 24th. This year, it was upgraded with a beautiful line of numbered, wooden clips counting up to Christmas Eve. It displays the teas very nicely.

Lennart at MBL Zebrafish Course

Lennart just came back from the 2015 Zebrafish Development and Genetics course at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA. The panoramic shot below shows the idyllic location of the MBL campus: student housing on the left, a research buildings on the right, and the magnificent view of Eel Pond in the middle of Woods Hole.

The two week course covers an eclectic overview of backgrounds, concepts, and experimental approaches. The MBL and Woods Hole environment, the small course size of 22 participants, and the commitment of organizers and instructors allow for very hands-on training sessions and a very communal atmosphere. Check out the photos to get an impression of the training sessions and great social atmosphere that make this course so unique.

Lennart Hilbert

While studying Physics in Bremen, Lennart focussed on dynamical systems when working with Peter Richter’s group (2005-2008). Biomathematics first interfered during visits to the Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics in Physiology and Medicine at McGill University and to the Mathematical Institute at Oxford University (2008 and 2009). Thus deflected into a Physiology Ph.D. in Montréal at McGill, Lennart investigated molecular mechanics of muscle myosin groups (2010-2014). He was supervised by Michael Mackey and Anne-Marie Lauzon and member of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Systems Biology Graduate Program. Ultimately convinced that theory and experiment go together, he is now an ELBE Systems Biology PostDoc, in affiliation with Nadine Vastenhouw (MPI-CBG) and Vasily Zaburdaev (MPI-PKS). Progressing from groups of purified proteins to groups of living cells, he now investigates subnuclear gene localization in early zebrafish development. Lennart has also been artistically active for years, most recently employing math-bio-physical systems in live performances.