Vania Tsata

Vania* comes from Athens, Greece, where she also did her undergrad studies in the Biology Department. She absolutely loves coffee and finds it necessary to start the experimental or any other day with a cappuccino. Vania discovered her passion for science during her undergrad thesis, in the lab of Dr. Poulopoulou in Athens Medical School. There, she investigated the role of neuroligins in the glutamatergic signaling of T-lymphocytes of healthy and autistic children. Vania moved to Dresden in November 2012 to join the group of Dr. Stephan Speier as a research assistant, focusing on β-cell physiology. In October 2013, Vania joined the Master’s Program in Regenerative Biology and Medicine offered by the TU and the Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden. After joining the Vastenhouw lab for a 3-months rotation and fascinated by the developmental transitions of the vertebrate embryo and also zebrafish as a model organism, she decided to stay a bit more and complete her master thesis in the lab. Now she is working on the role of histone level in setting the timing for zygotic genome activation.

*Or “Vasiliki Tsata”, which is her formal name, and also crucial info for her photo to make sense. LH

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