Pavel Vopalensky

Pavel comes from a small village close to Jihlava, Czech Republic and grew up surrounded by the mild hills of the Bohemian-Moravian highlands frisking in pine scented forests, golden fields and blossoming meadows. To better comprehend the beauty of nature, he went to study biochemistry and biotechnology at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague. Afterwards, he continued with PhD studies at the Institute of Molecular Genetics in Prague elucidating the evolutionary origin of the vertebrate eye. He decided to stay in evo-devo for his first postdoc and joined the group of Prof. Detlev Arendt at EMBL Heidelberg. Here, while analyzing the developmental cell lineage and the dynamic gene expression in the marine worm Platynereis dumeriliiPavelgot interested how is differential gene expression orchestrated at the molecular level. Therefore, he joined Dr. Nadine Vastenhouw’s lab in fall 2015 to investigate transcriptional regulation underlying the first lineage decisions in zebrafish development. In his free time, Pavel likes singing in a choir or playing drums and exploring countryside hiking or biking together with his family.

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