Lennart Hilbert

While studying Physics in Bremen, Lennart focussed on dynamical systems when working with Peter Richter’s group (2005-2008). Biomathematics first interfered during visits to the Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics in Physiology and Medicine at McGill University and to the Mathematical Institute at Oxford University (2008 and 2009). Thus deflected into a Physiology Ph.D. in Montréal at McGill, Lennart investigated molecular mechanics of muscle myosin groups (2010-2014). He was supervised by Michael Mackey and Anne-Marie Lauzon and member of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Systems Biology Graduate Program. Ultimately convinced that theory and experiment go together, he is now an ELBE Systems Biology PostDoc, in affiliation with Nadine Vastenhouw (MPI-CBG) and Vasily Zaburdaev (MPI-PKS). Progressing from groups of purified proteins to groups of living cells, he now investigates subnuclear gene localization in early zebrafish development. Lennart has also been artistically active for years, most recently employing math-bio-physical systems in live performances.

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