Shai Joseph

Shai hails from Sydney Australia and has a pastime of trekking and climbing. Shai majored in physiology at the University of Sydney and found his passion for embryology during his honors year (2009) in the lab of Professor Chris O’Neill at the Kolling institute. Here he investigated the adverse effects of in vitro culture on the pluripotency of developing mouse embryos. In 2010 he became the research assistant of Dr Kirsty Walters at the ANZAC institute, whereby he examined the role of androgens during mouse ovarian follicle development. After taking half a year off to travel the world, Shai moved up north to Townsville (2012) and joined the veterinary school at James Cook University as a technician. Having decided to continue with his studies, Shai started his PhD in 2013 in the lab of Dr Nadine Vastenhouw at the MPI-CBG Dresden. Shai is investigating the role of chromatin in controlling the timing of zygotic genome activation in zebrafish.

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