Maximilian Krause

Max was born with a view to the Baltic Sea, close to Rostock, Germany. The center of his early life and education was Brandenburg. Predisposed by the surrounding lakes and rivers, he volunteered for one year at the Institute for Freshwater Fisheries in Potsdam-Sacrow. Inspired by this first scientific experience, he decided to further move into science. While studying Biochemistry in Jena, he worked as an assistant in the Lab of Cornelis Calkhoven, where he learned about the effects of cEBP on metabolism and aging. After gaining international experience with internships in the US and Norway, Max did his Diploma thesis 2011 in the Institute for Age research in Jena, investigating the role of PML bodies in senescence and apoptosis. In 2012 Max was awarded the DIGS-BB fellowship. He decided to make the switch from death to birth by joining Dr. Nadine Vastenhouw’s lab, studying the influence of histone modifications on early transcription activation in zebrafish embryos.

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